The Best Football Conditioning Drills


Football is a very fun and involving game for all ages and for different times of the day. The process of training players to become footballers requires that the coach uses football conditioning drills which have an added advantage in developing the player. Condition is the process of training with the aim of becoming physically fit by using a combination of the right diet and exercise. Through conditioning the player is able to either strengthen or weaken the association between different stimulus and their responses.


The first conditioning drill is called ‘the Romanian dead lift’. This drill will build the stamina of the players and at the same time build their muscles. The drill may be done using a broomstick, dumbbells or weight training bars. The player gets into position by standing with their feet apart, holding the dumbbells or weights lengthwise, bending their waist, keeping their backs straight and letting the weights hung down. After a few minutes the player can pull the weights up from the waist without bending the knees. During the drill, the player’s toes should be flat and their buttocks should be pushed backwards.

The second conditioning drill is referred to as the ’40, 60, 80,100. This drill is simple and practice at the same time. The first step involves marking out a grid on which to drill. A player then starts from one end and a sprint for 40 yards the distance six times. The sprint is followed by another sprint 60 yards away four times, 80 yards away two times and 100 yards away one time. A rest of one minute is given in between the sprints. This drill will build the leg muscles and heart stamina.

The third conditioning drill that is perfect for footballers is the ‘Tempo Runs’. This drill maximizes the full length of the field and uses up to hundred yards of distance. The players start off at the corner of an end zone and take a hundred strides. The strides should be made of long steps that are slower than a normal sprint but faster than a jog. They then jog to the opposite side of the end zone and take another hundred strides after which they go back to the starting point. This is repeated a number of times depending on the intensity of the drill.

The final conditioning drill is called ‘Terrible twenties’. This drill is very involving and requires the team to be divided into two groups. The groups choose two exercises of choice which they will both do at alternating intervals. The first team, 1, does twenty sets of one of the chosen exercise and runs for a hundred yards. The other group does the same but uses the other exercise and runs the hundred yard distance. In the next round, the two groups alternate in terms of the exercise they are carrying out but now do nineteen sets. The groups work down to zero sets with the variation being the type of exercise.

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