The All Time Football passing drills


Football passing drills increases the ability of the players to pass the ball to each other. This is specifically the quarter backs job. As easy as it may seem, passing the ball can be very challenging at times especially if a player has butter fingers and tends to let the ball slip from their fingers easily.  This can be sorted out by practicing some easy to do passing drills that are both easy to handle and implement.


The ‘Two Knee Drill’ is essentially a warm up drill that is used to develop the player’s ability to pay attention on a set target and on the ball at the same time. This drill involves twenty passes though the coach may decide to add more for purposes of a through warm up. The players pair up ten yards away from each other directly facing each other. They then kneel on both knees as the receiver holds their hands up in the air giving the quarterback a target to pass the ball to. This drill is meant to use soft balls and attention is to be given to the ball.

The second Football passing drill is known as the ‘Opposite Foot Drill’. This drill requires roughly about twenty passes but as with the previous drill the coach determines the number of passes done. This is also a warm up technique and preps the players in a very active way. This technique teaches the player to pass the ball on the wrong foot by pretending to throw off the wrong foot while running. If the player is right handed then they should start with their right foot forward in the heel to toe relationship. The toes should be pointed in the direction of the thrower. The throw is made by rotating the hips, if done the right way; the force will throw you forward because of your weight.

The ‘two on three passing’ drill focuses on the offensive backs and the receivers. It enabling them to run tight paths and still be able to catch the ball despite the defenders blocking the way. In this drill, the quarter backs(2), two defensive backs in a player to player coverage together with a linebacker at the center. Once the whistle goes off, the receiver is required to run a few steps in a slanting path in the middle. This is followed by a throw of the ball towards the receiver.

The last football passing drill is referred to as ‘Set-Up Drill’. This drill builds up the stamina of the players since it involves sprinting at very high speeds. It also develops the ability of the player to pay attention to the ball since they are forced to sprint , pass and catch the ball at the same time. The player gets depth, steps up and throws the ball to a set target. This starts at short distances and builds up to longer distances with the lowest trajectory possible. The players throw hard and soft with a work up of around twenty passes.

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