Impenetrable Soccer Passing Drills


Rigorous soccer passing drills can be the difference between a win and a loose in a soccer match. Passing the ball involves more than just moving the ball from your legs to the legs of another player. It is a skill that means accuracy in terms of timing and positioning. For a coach training a soccer team, it is important to understand that the team’s ability to pass the ball means entirely everything to the game. Different passing drills are used to sharpen the skills of footballers.


The first passing drill is referred to as ‘Center mid passing combination 1’. This drill focuses on developing communication between the players and develops their ability to pass the ball diagonally. The drill involves setting up a grid; size of the grid is dependent on the age of the players. A midfielder is placed at the center of the grid while the rest of the players divided themselves evenly and stand at the four corners of the grid. The drill is simple; the first player plays to the center player and goes to the sideline to the back of the line. The central player plays to another player in one of the other corners where the ball is passed to another player in another corner. This player passes the ball back to the midfielder who passes it to the corner which hasn’t received the ball yet. This continues in a manner such that the rounds being made by the ball make the number 8.

Three VS one drills are very useful for sharpening passing skills. The game focuses on maintaining the ball in possession in a very tight space. It works on passing skills, decision making skills and general communication. The first step of using this drill is setting up the grid. The grid should not be very big. The players then split into six groups where three players are placed inside the grid as attackers. The other players then line up I one corner and act as strikers. The defenders start the drill by passing the ball to the three attackers. One of the defenders steps into the grid and it immediately changes into a three VS one situation. The strikers pass the ball as may times as possible.

The ‘circle passing overlap drill’ comes in handy as a passing drill since it is easy and very functional. The players make a circle and one player moves to the center of the circle. The player at the center starts the drill by passing the ball to any one of the other players. Once the receiver has gotten the ball they are supposed to pass it on to the next player within the circle. The player at the center aims at intercepting the ball as it passes through their path. If the ball is intercepted by the center player, the player who was passing the ball changes position with the center player and is forced to intercept the ball. This drill can occur for as long as the coach wishes. Fewer players in the circle make it more intensive.

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