Hardcore Quarterback drills


The main task of the quarterback drills is for the purpose of throwing passes. This makes its importance practice these natural drills to improve your passing situations. The following are some great drills that are mainly used in sequence to the quarterbacks and used as a warmup routine.


Two knee drill. The purpose of the drill is to warm up the hand and at the same time to teach and concentrate on the target of the ball and release it. You are required to pair off about 10 yards apart and directly in a line with each other while kneeling on both knees. The receivers will hold both hands up giving the QB a target to throw to. You do not need to throw hard and concentrate on the target.

One kneel drill. In this drill, you need to put your knee on the throwing side down, place the ball on the ground, grip it with the throwing hand, cock it high with two hands and then throw it to the partner. You need to exaggerate your follows to the ground as you pick the ball. You need to use the arm only and lead with the elbow, and this helps you to develop a stronger arc and wrist snap.

Feet parallel drill. The drill is aimed to teach on how to warm the arm and teach to concentrate on the target and the passing technique. You are required to pair about 12 yards apart and directly to each other. You can then increase the distance as you warm up, and this will help to form a stronger arm.

Opposite foot drill. This is a basic warm up that teaches on how to throw off the wrong foot by simulating the motion of the throwing off by scrambling or sprinting out. This drill you need to start with your right foot forward in the heel to toe relationship.

Circle toss drill. You are required to run in a circle playing catch and reversing the action. You can release the ball quickly and then square the shoulder and the hips to target. You can vary by one man standing still and the rest running around him. Change direction and switch the position of the players.

Down the line drill.  In this drill, you are required to run the length of the field and back playing catch. Keep 10 yards apart and then release the ball quickly. Square the shoulders and the hips to the target and then work to increase the speed.

Sprint out drill. You can plan to sprint to the left or the right. Then throw to other QB or target then release the ball quickly. Square the shoulders and the hips target then practice the throw back pass also. You need to get into depth around 6-7 yards.

Set up drill. In this drill, you need to concentrate your speed on getting up. Set up and throw to a target. You need to start at 20 yards and the work 40 with the lowest trajectory. Practice to throw hard and soft with more times. These are the best quarterback drill that can help you a lot.

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