Exhilarating and Fun football drills


Playing football is great and fun football drills have a great impact on the players performance on field. The player is able to learn different types of lessons and also acquires some virtues such as patience. Football drilling is essential but can be quite tough and may break the spirits of the players. The coach thus needs to come up with ways of making the drilling session enjoyable and involving to the players. Having fun is essential to any football game or drill session.


The number one drilling method that adds fun to the concept of practice is called; the hot potato drill. In this drill, the Quarterbacks stand in a formation that resembles the shotgun. Their backs are in the T-formation and two receivers. In this drill, the offense is not manned apart from the center long snapping. The other members are 4 defensive lines men, 2 corner backs, 3 line backers and 2 safeties to cover. The aim of this drill is to equip the players with the ability to pay attention and handle their routes, block paths and make fast decisions.

The Single-Knee Drill is fun but very involving to the player. In this drill, the player is required to kneel on the throwing arm’s side. The ball is then put on the grid in front of the player. The player’s role is to simply grab the ball using one hand only, the throwing hand and lift it up using one hand only and pass it on to a receiver with key concentration being given to the follow-through. A variation can be added to this drill by telling the player to pick up something else from the ground immediately after throwing the ball. Another variation can also be added by changing the knee on which one is kneeling.

The Catching drill can be fun and helps develop the reaction time of the player to football stimulus. The drill is simple and does not involve an actual football ball. It is best carried out using a tennis ball. The player throws the ball onto a wall and catches it using the same hand. Variations to this drill involve having the player throw the ball and catch it with the opposite hand then with both hands. The last variation can be the use of another player to throw the ball and asking another player to catch it. This means that the receiver reacts to stimulus which they cannot locate its origin.This drill is especially good for receivers who have to find the ball midair while running.

The final fun drill is called the Punt Catching Drill. This drill mainly involves the returners. The returners start by assuming their position on the field. The punter then sets off the game by kicking balls to the returner. The aim of the game is not to drop the balls. The returner is forced to hold as many balls as are kicked to him. With every new ball being thrown, the game becomes more complicated since the returner has to figure out how to multitask; catch the incoming balls and retain the caught balls.

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