Enjoyable and Fun soccer drills


Soccer like every other game needs to be enjoyable and fun soccer drills enable the coach to determine the level of fun that can be incorporated into the game. The best way to incorporate fun into soccer drills is to create an environment where the player is encouraged to have fun other than required to acquire new skills. Putting pressure on the players only drains out the fun from soccer drills. Soccer coaches thus need ways through which they can make drill sessions enjoyable.


The first fun soccer drill is referred to as ‘Pass the ball’. In this drill, the length of the grid is the most challenging factor and simply requires a large area for it to be successfully fun. The players are all given balls and told to stand in a straight line with their backs facing away from each other. The first player is however not given a ball. The players then run within the grid in a chosen pattern such as a circle. The players with the balls at a whistle pass on the ball to the next player. This is done in such a way that at any one given time there is a different player without a ball.

The second fun soccer drill is referred to as ‘Kings Court soccer’. In this drill, the team is divided into three groups. The size of the grid is dependent on the size of the team with a large grid meaning a larger team. Two teams play against each other as the remaining team performs exercises at the edges of the field. If one team scores, the loosing team steps out for the third team outside the grid. This is done until the team is thoroughly prepped. The variations can involve the use of different goalies to man the goal post. Variation is also achieved by inputting a timer to the game whereby the longest standing team in the grid steps out for the team outside the grid.

The one VS one defending the dribble drill has a blend of interesting and fun all over it. The grid used in this drill is smaller than other grids and takes the form of a square. The players are divided into two teams with half of the members of one team standing in opposite sides such that they face each other. A player from one side starts off the game by dribbling the ball to the center of the grid.  Another player from the opposing side then has to defend the dribble. If the defender fails, the attacker dribbles the ball over to their teammates in the opposite side. If the defender manages to escape with the ball, they must then then face another different attacker from the opposing team who takes the new role of a defender. The player from whom the ball was snatched either goes to the back of the line or stays out of the game. This drill occurs at a very fast pace.

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