Easy and Fun Football Drills For Kids.


Football and soccer are two words that seem to confuse many people. The two games have the same origin but mean different things.  Football involves passing the ball by hand from one player to the next while soccer involves dribbling the ball from one player to the next by use of the legs. Football over the past has been commonly referred to as ‘American Football’ while soccer is a term commonly used in Europe. While playing football is a matter of talent and interest, a coach needs to know how to train the team in a competitive and fun manner especially if the team is one of young kids. In this article we show you some easy and fun football drills for kids.


Football drills are divided into a few general categories, namely; strength and power drills, defensive drills, offensive drills, fun drills, warm up drills and youth drills. This article is mainly focused on drills that encompass the age of 8 and below. The most important factor to consider when choosing a drill for kids is the amount of enjoyment the kids will have and at the same time learn about the game. Kids tend to have a very short concentration spun and thus need to be engaged with the activities in the drill.

The first football drill of choice is known as the ‘freeze drill’. This drill is perfect for quarter backs but can be useful for everyone else in the whole team. The team is first divided into two; the quarter backs and the receivers. They are then paired up against each other with a difference of about 9 meters apart. The coach livens up the drill by calling out a given set of instructions which is to be performed by either the quarter back or the receiver after which the players stand still or rather ‘freeze’ until the coach gives other instructions. The variation with this drill comes about from the height at which the ball is thrown and the set of instructions that the coach gives since they are all different.

The Balloon toss is a very interesting and involving football drill for kids. The drill is great with hot weather. The players are divided into two; the ‘tossers’ and the ‘runners’. The runners run towards the tossers as the tossers throw balloons filled with water at them. The aim of this drill is not to get hit for the runners and hitting the runners for the tossers. This drill is exhilarating and fun at the same time. Any runner who gets hit is out of the drill and waits for a re shuffle between the runners and tossers.

The last football drill for kids is called ‘get the ball’. In this drill, the players form a circle and one player is picked randomly and positioned at the center of the circle. The other players are then given the ball and have to get it across the circle through the player at the center. The aim of the center player is to intercept the ball. This drill is extremely fun and builds defense mechanisms.

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