Adding Some Kick Into Football practice drills


Football practice drills can be subdivided into some section to help you and your team while training. By practicing each of the drills you make your players tougher and more competitive when they play with the other opponent members.


The first football practice drill is the flag football drill. As you know your team better than any other person, you need to choose a drill that will easily address your teams weaknesses like the flag pulling and also taking the right angle of the pursuit. You also need to emphasize on the proper hand-off technique. For you to take each drill into progression, you need to introduce the skill and show the team how it is done correctly, practice the skill of each player and then add a center and some defenders to put on more emphasize on the skill.

The second practice drill is the offensive, easy practice drill where it involves some steps that your team is required to know. You can train your team to run around cones where this simple drill will help you team develop ball carrying skills and also help in the coordination. You can practice this by dividing your team into three equal groups where each group is required to form a straight line. Then set up 3-4 cones for every group each 3 yards. Tell each group to run around the cone without confusion.   You also need to train the team hand-off exchange. By this, you can train them by allowing some players to work in the proper way so as to give or receive a hand-off. You are required to train them the flag sweep drill.

When training this drill, you are required to have three things; a center, a QB and a line of running backs where they can wide to the left or right. You can also allow the running backs to take off towards the QB, which results in the acceptance of the hand-off using the right technique. You need to not that you should not sweep too wide drills because you will find that when one of the running backs is not tackled an important goal can be gained resulting in a score. You also need to practice the hand target drills where you train yourself where your hand is targeting. The pass and catch drill is also important where the players pair off and begin 5 yards from each other to avoid the players from throwing the ball forth and back.

The third practice drill is the intermediate practice drill. Here you can train three on two running drill, and it is very effective since you get four plays at the time involved and also in a game situation which will simulate the running play. You can also use the drill of mini-scrimmage where you provide matching up equal teams where you give players opportunity to practice making plays, therefore, being well involved.

The forth practice drill are the advanced drills which involve things like the passing drills and the out of the back field-receiving drills. When you fully familiarize with these practice skills, you will have no problem to train your players effectively.

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